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by Jean Paul Laboissonnière on 06/29/2016 at 10:13 PM

Vintage Korean Fashion bikinis for teen girls


Two piece bathing suits, discreet but still youthful, full of vitality.

Korea is famous for creating bikinis and sexy swimsuits for summer vacations whether on the beach or spa resorts. But if you want something less sexy, still having the Korean fashion designs; there is a number of other bikini types to choose from. Below are some of most popular Korean bikini types with demonstrated photos. The collection will give you the idea to pick the right style that best fit for your body when shopping.

  1. Camisole Bikini with or without chest cups. 

Korean Fashion – covered belly slim swimsuit

Camisole bikini splited two-piece swimwear

Korean covered chest high-waist bottom swimsuit

Vintage high-waist bottom camisole top with chest cups swimwear


  1. Ruffle Bikinis.

conservative look, hot-plated ruffle bikini

Korean fashion, flower set bikini with ruffle top and shorts like bottom

  1. Lace material has also become a new trend of swimsuits. Laced bikini tops are marvelous for summer evening on the beach.

floral, sweet and lovely

Spa stomach lining, chest covered, skirt style swimwear

Traditional, sweet, sexy bikini,  three-piece suit swimwear

Bikini with skirt-like bottom and big, attractive ruffle top, perfect for evening walking on the beach.

Floral, long, dress-like, three-piece swimsuit

conservative, skirt-like, Korean hot ruffle swimsuit

sexy, glamorous swimsuit but still charming, discreet.

sexy, glamorous swimsuit but still charming, discreet.


nature pattern, belly slim, three-piece set beach swimsuit

printed, hot-spring bathing suits

Conservative three-piece bikini

Chest gathered, dress-like with boxer Korean conservative swimwear

steel plate cover skinny chest gathered swimwear

Swimsuit body cute little chest gathered steel plate

Chest gathered stirring up waist and split two-piece swimsuit

Small Sleeved three-set of small breasts-steel plate skirt hot spring loaded

The new fashion sexy swimsuit split skirt type

Swimsuit fashion hot steel plate Klein-split skirts two piece set

Sexy bikini skirt three-piece small chest gathered swimsuit with belly cover jacket

Klein swimwear skirts split conservative tour steel plate behind small chest

Gather sweet sexy skirt bikini swimsuit hot spring

Sexy Halter two-piece bikini Klein conservative Spa slimming swimwear

Small chest gathered skirt-bikini sexy steel plate a hot spring Korea swimsuits

Breast sexy Korean steel plate behind triangular skirt swimwear

Conservative small chest sexy swimsuits hot ladies

Strip support padding split swimsuits

dress-like chest gathered female swimsuit bikini

Girl sweet fruit printing retro waist sexy split swimsuit

Girls Spa slimming stomach covered chest gathered skirt bikini swimsuit

Girls fashion steel plate behind the voice of the ocean bikini three piece set

High waist sexy bikini bra steel plate behind three hot spring bathing suit

Floral print bikini-small chest gathered skirt type four-piece suit

chiffon shirt three pieces set the swimwear

Boxer skirt style swimwear women steel plate small chest gathered

Prop gather chest size was lanky waist female sexy bikini swimwer

Flounces and soft female hanging neck sexy two-piece bikini




bikini Korean Fashion swimsuit swimwear


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