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by Ojobaro Adekemi on 07/16/2016 at 07:04 AM

Victoria Beckham bashed for Kissing Daughter on the Mouth


David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham celebrated her daughter’s 5th birthday on Sunday through a beautiful text message – “Happy birthday my girl. I love you. We all cherish you so much X love from mom X” – and a photograph, including the kisses:

You can’t think this photo could motivate tons of remarks, yet you could be mistaken since this is the Net and all things are dumb.

“Orr! Sorry, I’m antiquated it would appear that they are making out,” a person said on  Instagram, while a different person said, “It’s pleasant, yet you shouldn’t kiss your kids on the mouth. I’m not attempting to be impolite, but rather it’s not proper.”

In the meanwhile, another person commented – although someone with a little better knowledge of oral and spelling use – said something, “Right there is one adoring kiss …Hopefully, she will get excited about it.”

The contention turned out to so much that the BBC utilized their assets and platforms to refer to a public manners consultant, Liz Brewer, who said this: “Ordinarily with an individual from your family you shouldn’t kiss on the mouth except it’s your partner…It would be irritating doing this, and I also think a lot of people would be too. If she feels it’s proper, she can do it. But I wouldn’t encourage it as an individually decent illustration.”

Moms defends Victoria Beckham’s act

From that point onwards, the style creator’s remark platform has been overwhelmed with mothers defending her, with another person commenting that “The point that such a large number of individuals sexualize a photograph of a mom with her daughter is so disturbing. This is an adorable photo, and there is nothing immoral about it.”

“It’s a startling era when we are living in a world in which a mom was kissing her daughter is categorized as immoral! What sort of fouled play are we in? She’s a phenomenal mother and clearly adores her children greatly!” someone else wrote. “There’s a lot of things shared online which are “sickening” Nonetheless, the unequivocal affection between a kid and a parent is not one!”

Different guardians have since then posted their photographs kissing their children to support Beckham.


Beckham kiss Victoria


And to think I was going to talk to soomnee in person about this.

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