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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/18/2016 at 12:43 AM

Twelve Arrested during Belgium’s Counter-terrorism Raid

Twelve Arrested during Belgium’s Counter-terrorism Raid

Three months after the unfortunate bomb attacks on Brussels, Belgium police put in custody twelve men after an anti-terror operation in 16 municipalities.

The twelve arrested overnight are among the forty people detained for questioning as terror attack suspects.

The attack was launched on 22 March leading to the death of 32 people at Molenbeek Metro station in the capital and Brussels airport in Zaventem.

After the search that involved 152 garages and a dozen of houses, a Belgium federal prosecutor released a statement noting that there were neither explosives nor arms found during the searches. Molenbeek, a district in Brussels, was a critical area where the search was conducted due to its links with Jihadist notorious groups.

The statement highlighted the search as a necessary and an immediate intervention operation after the completion of the investigations. The arrested suspects were allegedly planning to launch an attack this weekend at the Belgium soccer matches in the Euro 2016 tournament. The judge is faced with a tough decision on whether the suspects should remain in custody.

Planned Attacks from a Syrian Islamist Gang

The Belgian police have also received a warning that a group of militants associated with the Islamic state group has left Syria for Europe. The Islamic state group is said to have left Syria a week and a half ago with an aim of reaching Europe via Turkey and Greece. This group is believed to be using a boat. It is also suspected that each member of the gang has no passport. This group is also said to be planning new attacks in France and Belgium.

On Friday, Youssef E.A, a 30-year-old man was charged on suspicion of murder by the Belgian police in connection with the March suicide attack as claimed by the IS. He has been reported by the Belgian media to be the eighth suspect charged over the three suicide bomb attacks.

A link between Paris and Brussels Attacks established

The Belgium investigators have established valid connections between the IS attacks on Paris and the Brussels bombers. The Paris attack was launched on 13 November where 130 people were reported to have been assassinated. Some of the bombs were prepared at Brussels in a flat while some of the Paris bombers originated from Belgium


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