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by Jean Paul Laboissonnière on 07/17/2016 at 10:09 AM

Three Officers Shot and Killed and Unconfirmed Number Wounded in Baton Rouge Shooting

Three Officers Shot and Killed and Unconfirmed Number Wounded in Baton Rouge Shooting

Three police officers were shot dead and unconfirmed number of others injured on Sunday in the area of Baton Rouge, La. Sherriff Officer based in the East Baton Rouge ascertained these incident claiming that even a week had not past when police officers killed a black man during protests in the same area.

Police representative Cpl. L’ Jean McKneely added that police gunfire had shot and killed a suspect. Further details emerged from Col. Michael Edmonson, the superintendent of Louisiana State Police that the suspect who killed the police officers had been neutralized at the very scene. According to Colonel Edmonson, Baton Rouge did not have an active shooter situation. Moreover, other of federal and local law enforcement officers worked alongside his lead investigators to find the underlying cause of the matter.

Corporal McKneely had a chance to address reporters present in the Baton Rouge area. He said that officers on the ground by then were patrolling the area, which is notorious for gas stations and large stores with explosives and thus, the possible cause of the explosion. “We will have a thorough check on the area to safeguard ourselves,” he added.

In a flashback, the Sunday’s shooting is the current incident in the past one month of escalated violence and racial tension in the nation. The killing of Alton B. Sterling on July 5 by Baton Rouge officers fuelled the chaos the victim was just a black man vending CDs outside a store. The following night after the death of Sterling, police killed another black man during a traffic check in St, Paul suburb. The next night a Dallas-based gunman killed five police officers while chanting that he wanted to kill white police officers.

State of Affairs from Locals

By Sunday afternoon, details on the alleged shootings were still unreliable. The authorities did not have any information on whether someone planned the attacks or it was a twin attack case. However, reports on the wounded officers remained sketchy with some placing the total at seven.

Bryce Butler, 7, a cook at one of the nearest restaurant could not believe what he saw. He said they met the shootings with a lot of disbelief. He said, “It is just insane; we should be concerned about the kind of generation that we create for our kids.” He asserted that the neither the police nor anyone should be victimized.




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