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Against all Odds – Trump Emerged as the Republican Nominee

Donald Trump formally secured the position of the Republican presidential nominee on Tuesday evening after clinching enough delegates amid the call vote which took place on the stage of the convention. A tenets change permitted New York to declare its choice out of in sequential order arrange with the goal that it might be the...

Former Thai’s Prime Minister Dazzles Supporters

Former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra visited a drowsy area of northern Thailand and showed off her acquainted grin,  many supporters gasped and talked of a national revival. But as she cradled children, hugged grandmother and posing for selfies in Phrae region, Yingluck was also considering political success, says her assistant. Since the military overthrew...

Elizabeth Warren backs Hillary Clinton for Presidency

Elizabeth Warren supported possible Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Thursday and approached Democrats to join her. She said that she is prepared to get in this battle and work her heart out for Hillary Clinton to end up as the new president of the United States and to ensure that Donald Trump never gets near...