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Beware! You May Lose Your Money through Phone Verification System on the internet

In the most recent attacks that show how hard it is for clients to distinguish telephone numbers with premium call charges, a specialist has found that he could have earned millions by mishandling the online phone check systems utilized by Google, Microsoft, and Instagram. Numerous sites and mobile applications permit clients to attach a phone...

Facebook Moment App now leading on App Stores

Face book’s Moments app has risen to the Number one on Apple’s App store — from its original 60th place — since the online community began to alert customers that synched images could soon vanish if they don’t get the app. A Facebook representative, Lauren Svensson said Facebook has been informing individuals outside of the...

Making life better through Renewable Energy

For evacuees and immigrants trapped in Greece, a cell phone is a life saver as long as the length of its battery keeps going. However, access to power could be difficult in full camps. It is also not free in bistros where young and the old come together to use just one socket, waiting tensely...