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Italy train Crash: At least 25 killed and many injured

Italy train crash: News from Rome has it that two Italian passenger trains had an head-on collision today in the southern part of Puglia.  Killing no less than 20 persons while scores sustained  varying degree of injuries. No less than two passengers were hauled alive from the folded wreckage as the salvage operation continued in...

Spaghetti western star Spencer dies
Spaghetti western star Spencer dies

Bud Spencer an Italian filmmaker and actor who starred in a number of Spaghetti Western films succumb to death at the age of 86. According to his son, Spencer died peacefully on Monday in Rome. Spencer’s real name was Carlo Pedersoli. He was known among his fans as the “big friendly giant” of the screen...

Retiring and wanting to live in Italy? Here is the cost estimate!
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If there is one nation that gives France an extreme rivalry, as to offering retiring homes to well-to-do international beneficiaries it is the Italian Republic. Numerous people think of it as one of the best places to live after retirement. Enjoy a “sweet life” in Italy after retirement with a cost ranging from $2,500 to...