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Against all Odds – Trump Emerged as the Republican Nominee

Donald Trump formally secured the position of the Republican presidential nominee on Tuesday evening after clinching enough delegates amid the call vote which took place on the stage of the convention. A tenets change permitted New York to declare its choice out of in sequential order arrange with the goal that it might be the...

Donald Trump finally emerges as the Republican Presidential candidate

Donald Trump has secured the selection of the Republican Party to end up the next US president following quite a while of rigorous campaigning that has isolated the American right of the political range. This is a development, yet we need to go all the way. Anti-Trump powers on the floor waited for a last...

RNC Delegates “Anybody but Trump” Drive

As the United States presidential elections are drawing near the political environment of the country is becoming tenser or more appropriately has become more hyped up. Donald Trump the leading nominee for the presidential candidate of Republican Party has become a rather controversial figure but this has not affected Trumps popularity is he’s becoming more...

Creating A Convention With Donald J. Trump

When LeBron James wins the sixth game in the NBA finals, nobody can remove the Cavaliers from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Not even the most controversial man in America, who also happens to be fighting in the race to become President. The nominations convention is just about four weeks away, and Donald J....

Donald Trump, Seeing Himself Far behind in the US Polls, Says He has not ‘Started Yet’
Donald Trump, Seeing Himself Far behind in the US Polls, Says He has not ‘Started Yet’

Donald J. Trump once in a while, if at any point, recognizes he may lose at anything. He communicated bewilderment at a survey amid the primary race that indicated him pretty behind in the Iowa caucuses. He frequently conjures the unscientific surveys as a case of his strength; also he mentions the surveys that have...