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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/21/2016 at 06:34 AM

Solar Impulses’ travel around the Globe

Solar Impulses’ travel around the Globe

Solar Impulse

Solar impulse is the name of a Swiss based solar aircraft project. The project was initiated by a Swiss based research center. The aircraft has wing covered with 17000 photovoltaic cells with the wing span of equal to the wing span of a Boeing 747 aircraft. There has been a recent increase in the use of solar power based devices throughout the world. This increase in the use of solar power is the result of greater emphasize of people around the world as well as the governments of different countries of the world on the use and development on alternate renewable energy sources. As a matter of fact renewable energy sources are a need of time because after about a century or half world’s petroleum resources are bound to be depleted. So solar impulse is one step forward towards the future with the use of renewable resources where solar energy will play a major part.

Travel around the globe

To prove the credibility, the creators of solar impulse have decided to fly the aircraft around the globe with the use mare solar energy. The impulse successfully completed its first flight of five hours from Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania to New York’s John F.Kennedy airport. After its first successful flight the designers and creators of the solar impulse has now begun with its 35000 kilometers journey around the globe. During the journey the plane will fly through many a number of countries. The flight is to be started from Abu Dhabi, UAE and conclude in the United States. If the experiment succeeds it will prove a great development in the field of renewable energy use in aircraft carriers and this will definitely prove to be an milestone for the future developments.


Globe solar impulse


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