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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/18/2016 at 12:39 AM

Risk of cancer by coffee was downgraded

Risk of cancer by coffee was downgraded

The news which was being spread that the coffee can cause cancer was rejected due to the inadequate evidence to say that it really causes cancer. Well it is happy news for all of the coffee lovers who drink it reqularly and starts their day with the sip of coffee.It was because of its link with the cancer in bladder. Experts have now said that the evidence is insufficient to claim that coffee causes cancer. Probably drinking very hot drinks can become cause of cancer.

After the research of 23 scientists

A proper research has been done on it in Iran, China and South America, where most of the consumption of tea has be estimated. There was a proper research done by the scientists after which it was concluded that drinking liquids above 65C may cause cancer.

Under the nutshell

Under the cover, the experts admit that they are not sure whether drinking too much coffee can cause cancer or not. The thing which is also important to know is the classification of cancer, which has nothing to do with the likelihood that someone getting cancer just because it can cause cancer. Before this IARC determined that it was possible that coffee can cause cancer. This was not on judging on the chances of getting it from the regular use of coffee, it was just cause that there was a link.

Research and findings

It was said by Dr Rachel Thompson who is part of world cancer research fund that “The finding relflects the emerging research”. She said that after knowing about something that it can because cancer does not mean that we can no longer enjoy hot drinks. She continued with her findings that the actual thing which causes cancer is high temperature. So, just cool down the drink for minutes especially if there is no milk added in it.

Advice for coffee lovers

This new which was recently published on 15 June 2016 may cause many coffee lovers to stay conscious while have a cup of coffee. Having a cup of coffee with a little milk added in it at a slightly low temperature can save us from the cancer. So, it’s better to stay conscious until or unless scientists do more research on it and make us sure that drinking is not a source of cancer for coffee lovers.


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