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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/20/2016 at 10:06 PM

Return of Jonathan Groff to San Francisco

Return of Jonathan Groff to San Francisco

“Sometimes the end is a new beginning,” declares the newly released trailer for Looking: The Movie, the 90-minute finale of the HBO series about a group of young gay men, which will air on Saturday, July 23.

The main characters from the show’s two-season run—Jonathan Groff as Patrick (Groff exited the cast of Broadway’s Hamilton to film the movie), Murray Bartlett as Dom, and Frankie J. Alvarez as Agustín—are all present, along with their besties, exes, and potential husbands-to-be. Judging from the trailer, the plot centers on Patrick returning to San Francisco from his new home in Colorado, and his freaking out (some things never change!) over his feelings for his ex-boss/ex-lover Kevin (Russell Tovey) and barber Raúl (Richie Donado), the sweet guy who got away.

“Sometimes you’ve got to leave things behind so you can move forward,” the always wise Raúl tells Patrick in the trailer. It’s good to see writer-director Andrew Haigh and the talented cast of Looking wrap up these stories so they can move on with their careers.


It’s impossible for this show to tick all of the boxes in what everybody would want to see,” Looking star Jonathan Groff told the Daily Beast, before HBO’s first “gay show” launched its second season. “But the great thing about doing a gay television show is that the more it stays on the air, the more stories you can tell.”


“Sometimes you got to leave things behind to move forward,” Richie says to Patrick in the trailer, most likely conveying Haigh’s sentiments to the TV industry and Hollywood (his last film, 45 Years, was hugely acclaimed and earned Charlotte Rampling an Oscar nomination). Although Looking ended much too soon, hopefully the gap it left should encourage a diverse slate of gay-themed shows and films to emerge.


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