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by Will Teja on 06/28/2016 at 02:57 AM

Racist Pool Poster Portrays Black Children as ‘Not Cool.’

The American Red Cross on Monday issued an apology for a swimming safety poster it created and distributed that some people were offended

The American Red Cross Society has been trending on social media on the grounds of racism as a swimming pool poster made by the organization labels black children ‘not cool’.

This has forced the humanitarian organization to halt the production of the posters and to bring down all posters on display after offering an apology.

The poster concerns water safety, and it portrays a group of youngsters engaging in various activities at a pool in Fort Morgan, Colorado. The poster shows the youngster as ‘cool’ or ‘not cool’ depending on whether their behavior adheres to the rules of the site, including no pushing each other into the water.

The poster has unleashed an outrage on Twitter since it has disproportionately portrayed young black swimmers as not being cool.

John Sawyer, one of the users of the pool from Washington US, stated that the Red Cross should replace the current poster since it is pure racist.

Matt Hickman, another user posted a comment on Twitter asking Red Cross whether they were serious about the poster. He also added that it is racist to depict colored children as misbehaving and not cool while they represent white kids’ as cool and behaving.

This led to the Red Cross issuing an apology for this poster titled ‘Be Cool, Follow the Rules.’ The organization said that they greatly appreciate and are sensitive to the concerns raised about the water safety poster. They added that they deeply apologize for the misunderstanding since it was not their intention to offend anyone.

The NBC produced one of the apologies released by the Red Cross. They stated that Red Cross as one of the nation’s largest and oldest humanitarian organizations is committed to inclusion and diversity in all they do every day. They declared that they had removed the poster from their website and the swim App.  They also said that they had stopped the production of the poster. The Red Cross declared that they had notified their aquatic facilities partners requesting them to take the post down.

The company has also made it clear to its partners and the social media that it was not their intention to offend anyone and even went ahead to apologize for this inadvertent action.


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