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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/17/2016 at 06:37 PM

Portugal coach: ‘Ronaldo has a reason to blame Iceland is petty’


Cristiano Ronaldo, as the Portugal captain, has made controversial statements after his team suddenly hold off Iceland with the score 1-1 at the top of Group F matches respectively, yesterday Tuesday, 14/06 . The 31-year-old even has some action was criticized for being unsportsmanlike, do not shake hands when the other team’s players after the match and refused to exchange jerseys with the captain of Iceland.

Before Ronaldo reacts, The Portugal Head Coach Fernando Santos also asked questions about the behavior of coach Lars Lagerback and Iceland team

“When people talk about the so-called fair-play (play beautifully), sometimes it makes me want to laugh. Because everyone is talking about others and other people’s reactions. In Portugal, we used to say if you do not feel, do not have feelings, you are not really a good person, “Santos said at a press conference before the second game of table plays F, Saturday 18 / 6.

The Portugal Head Coach Fernando Santos

The Portugal Head Coach Fernando Santos

The 61 year old head coach continued: “After what Iceland coach (Lars Lagerback) said before the game, and add what their player did in 90 minutes against us, my players new captain reaction. Their fans booed Pepe and Ronaldo. The players on their bench also booed. We have our own feelings, and sometimes people will react in a very touching way”.

Before that game, coach Lagerback has criticized “Ronaldo and Pepe were superb actor,” referring to the habit of deceiving the referee by the action on the pitch tantrums.

Santos said that the reactions of Ronaldo after the match is normal considering the actions and verbal provocation from Iceland.

Santos also said that Ronaldo has the right attitude after the game, and that does not violate the rules of fair play.

“Everyone needs a lofty spirit of football, and I have also always played nice, played fair, even in the pre-match press conference. I have no comment on the claims, statements and acts of provocation from Iceland. What I emphasize here is that I do not think you should put the issue of fair play after the others have indicated that they lack a sense of fair play to us. As for fair play on index cards himself, we have been exemplary, and we will continue playing with that spirit, “Santos said.


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