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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/22/2016 at 08:54 AM

North Korea’s Successful Missile Tests

North Korea’s Successful Missile Tests


North Korea’s Kim Dynasty

North Korea has been under the rule of Kim dynasty since it came in to existence in 1948, three generations of Kim dynasty has been passed ever since. The government of the country is under direct order of the supreme leader of the Kim family showing that North Korea is under a monarch system where the leadership is passed from one generation to the next that is from father to son and so on and it seems like this system is going to continue for a long time if the political conditions in the country or more broadly speaking the current leaders of the country remain in their positions.

The currently North Korea is being headed by Supreme leader Kim Jong Un who is considered as a violence loving person because of his violent methods of killing his own advisors and military officials including some of his own family members.

Continuous Missile test

Lately North Korean military have been observed to carry out multiple missile tests during the past few months. The reason behind these tests is probably to create pressure on the rest of the world and enemy states to recognize North Korea as a strong military force capable of to respond actively to any hostile situation.

The North Korean military has been reported to carry out multiple missile tests during the past few months but each of them proved to be a failed attempt which became a source of constant humiliation for North Korea especially for its supreme leader. After continuous failed attempts the sixth missile test appeared to be quite a success, this was done under a short period of time since the last failed attempt of the North Korean military and the efforts of North Korean scientists are commendable. This was probably due to non-patience behavior of their supreme leader which drove them to success.

Military analysts from U.S, South Korea and Japan suspects that these tests were conducted on Musudan missiles with a range of almost 3500 km which puts most of the Asia and some U.S bases under direct threat.


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