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by Ojobaro Adekemi on 07/01/2016 at 11:55 AM

Mountain Bear kill Man when Biking


A man from Montana was slaughtered by a mountain bear while he was biking on U.S. backwoods land in Montana on Wednesday, as indicated by local authorities.

The man Brad Treat who was 38 years old, was assaulted toward the evening while mountain biking with a man close to West Glacier National Park. As per an announcement from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. Brad was a Law Enforcement Agent with the U.S. Backwoods Service.

“It seems they likely shocked the bear and Brad was knocked off his bicycle by the bear,” the sheriff’s office said in an announcement. Treat’s friend could make tracks in an opposite direction from the zone and call for help. He was not harmed amid the assault, as indicated by the announcement.

Treat was said to have died at the place.

The sheriff’s department of expertise offer their sympathies to Treat’s family and they spoke good words of him saying he was a “vital” part of the group.

“Brad was a fundamental individual from our region law implementation group and a companion to every one of us,” the sheriff’s specialization said in an announcement. “Our musings and petitions are with the members of his family this evening.”



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