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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/24/2016 at 05:21 AM

Magic performance in America’s Got Talent

Magic performance in America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is the American T.V show in which people all from the U.S come up with their great talent which they have not shown to anyone or they have no recognition. The program provides platform to such talented people so that they could show their talent to all the world.

Judges judge the performances of the participants and participants with the amazing talent move forward in the competition and in the end the winner get all the prize set by the owners who runs the program.

Many new, unique and awesome talents have been seen throughout the years in the program and is the very reason why this program is so famous among the people. For many years many great people showed there brilliant talent on the stage of the program and now this year many people showed there talent and many more is yet to see.

Calysta Bevier performance in America’s Got Talent

This year America’s got Talent started on 14th of June in which many people showed their talents but in the 2nd episode of the program which was telecasted on T.V on June 23, 2016 something magical happened when Calysta Bevier performed in front of the judges.

Calysta Bevier is the 16 year old girl which is an Ohio native. The story of this girl is very heart touching which brought tears in the eyes of judges and also in the eyes of audience sitting beside the judges listening to this girl story. Calysta survived the 3rd stage ovarian cancer and now she is in front of judges ready to show the magic of her voice.

Calysta performed “Fight Song” which was actually sang by Rachel Platten. The voice of the young girl was so beautiful and so magical that everyone there lost in the magic of her beautiful voice. A girl who had suffered from such a pain and disease has the voice of the angel.

Soon after she finished her song everyone appreciated her with their claps. All the judges are amazed by the performance of this girl and so every judge voted in the favor of this beautiful angel to move farword in the competition but Simmon Cowell was so attached by the performance of this young girl that he used his Golden Buzzer to move her directly to live semi-finals.

In the recent interview after the show Calysta tell that she not only to win this season of the program but she also wanted to become an international pop star.


Calysta Bevier Magic performance


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