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by Ojobaro Adekemi on 07/11/2016 at 09:29 AM

Italy train Crash: At least 25 killed and many injured


Italy train crash: News from Rome has it that two Italian passenger trains had an head-on collision today in the southern part of Puglia.  Killing no less than 20 persons while scores sustained  varying degree of injuries.

No less than two passengers were hauled alive from the folded wreckage as the salvage operation continued in the burning sun.

Province of Andria vice president, Giuseppe Corrado, told correspondents at the scene that the local clinic needs blood while the loss of life remained at 25. Others opined that the last toll would not be known until the train had been torn apart; a mammoth crane was brought to the scene to push out the wreckage.

The trains, each with four cabins, had a head-on collision in an olive forest on the level territory between Andria and Croat on a line with the only track. “It’s a fiasco as though a plane fell,” Mayor of Corato Massimo Mazzilli posted on his Facebook page with the photographs of the incident.

Matteo Renzi, Italian Premier, vowed that the accident would be investigated thoroughly. Graziano Del rio the transport minister and nearby prosecutors were also at the crash scene.

Italy train Crash: A violent accident

“We should start to comprehend the reasons for this catastrophe that has disheartened the entire nation,” Del rio said at the scene, declaring a commission of request. “It was a violent accident.”
The automobile unmistakably rammed into each other however,reports said a little child was rescued alive from the rubble.

Riccardo Zingaro, the head of the police in Andria, told Sky that it was “an extraordinary catastrophe.” The heat at the scene was too much that it overwhelmed the rescue workers. “The effect was noteworthy, and we are presently confirming the results,” said Giovanni.

A field clinic was set up in the adjacent areas to treat the harmed, who were likewise being conveyed to the hospital. “A portion of the autos are totally folded, and the rescuers are extricating individuals from the metal, a large number of them are injured,” Zingaro reported at the scene.

Italy’s head, Renzi, said the train accident “is a time of tears” and vowed not to quit investigating until a cause was resolved. The trains belonged to Ferrotramviaria a private, Bari-based rail organization; that interfaces the city of Bari with Puglia towns toward the north and the air terminal.

Ferrotramviaria’s site said its armada involves 21 electric trains, most of four autos each. The line serves workers and students.

In a telephone meeting with state TV, general Massimo Nitti, Ferrotramviaria chief said the elements of what turned out badly are still to be resolved, yet it is clear “one of the trains should be there” in the meantime as the other.


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