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by Ojobaro Adekemi on 07/12/2016 at 11:38 AM

Investigations Revealed That Muhammad Ali never changed his name officially


Investigations conducted by Sports websites shows Muhammad Ali did not legitimately amend his name as Cassius Clay. He lived in a period when he didn’t need to.

From authorities in Kentucky, his place of birth, and in Illinois, where he converted to a Muslim in 1964; No records are indicating Ali lawfully amend his name from  Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., prior to his death on the 3rd of June 2016.

A duplicate of Ali’s certificate of birth, which was gotten by Sports reporters, did not reflect any upgraded name. However, it shows a spelling blunder: Cassuis, instead of Cassius.

A representative for the SSA (Social Security Administration), Roxanne Williamson, said a constitutional change of name wasn’t needed in the 60s. A man who needed to utilize another new name could accept another.

In 1964, SSA didn’t need a candidate to give recorded evidence of his name changes to his official name,” said Williamson in mail. “An individual’s name has been registered on his S.S card on his or her affirmation. Numerous SSN’s and SSN cards will be processed in the candidate’s given name and could incorporate a candidate’s alias.

“SSA’s lone prerequisite was the candidate submits adequate confirmation that set up his personality.” The SSA fixed the strategy in 2005 following Congressional activity prodded by September 11 and violence concerns. The new change requires SSN to be in the candidate’s official name, Williamson said.

The families’ view about Muhammad Ali’s name status


One out of the boxer’s children, Hana Ali, said her dad’s wife, Lonnie, said the boxing legend had never lawfully amended his name. Family representative Bob Gunnel debated that, he said, “Lonnie didn’t get to know because it’s irrelevant.” Sonja Roi, who was Ali’s first spouse and wedded to the previous heavyweight champion when he changed his name in 1964, she passed on in 2005.

Veronica Porches, the third wife, said she wasn’t stunned to realize that no records are indicating Ali changed his name legitimately, which requires a court order. In those days, in the dark Muslim people group, there was a considerable measure of talks on not expecting to go as per the white man’s law,” Porches said. She married him from 1977 to 1986.

She also said that they got married in a Muslim function in 1974 when  Ali was still hitched to his second spouse and getting ready to face George Foreman in what was termed as “The Rumble in the Jungle.”

After Ali got separated from his number two spouse, Porches and Ali had another wedding service in L A. In any case, Porches said it was all her thought, to a limited extent so the country’s law would recognize their marriage. Ali had communicated no enthusiasm for any none- Muslim service, Porches said.

Ali’s second wife Khalilah Ali wedded to him from 1967 – 1976, she said she had no data demonstrating Ali had legitimately amended his name.

Muhammad Ali’s Submission

In the wake of being informed that records show her dad never legitimately amended his name, her daughter said, “That’s a stun. … I’ve in no way heard that.” Gunnel, the family representative, said the boxer’s duty charges, land records, and driver’s permit were all issued for Muhammad Ali.

“Each and every official record from the US government were all issued for Muhammad Ali,” said Gunnel.”Thus, to Muhammad Ali, his name was changed.”
































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