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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/23/2016 at 04:38 AM

Health Care Fraud

Health Care Fraud

Investigation of Justice department

The U.S justice department undergo the investigation in which they are determined to find out the people across the country who are involved in different kinds of health care fraud. Because complains related to different health care fraud has increased dramatically in the last few months. Under the investigation held by the investigation department very surprising results are found.

Results of the investigation

The result of the investigation is surprising as fraud amounts are $900 million of false billing, $38 million sent from Medicare and Medicaid to one clinic to carry out medically unnecessary treatments, $36 million billed to Medicare by a Detroit clinic that was actually a front for a narcotics diversion scheme.

In this investigation 1000 law enforcement are involved. All around the U.S 301 defendants are charged for the fraud cases. 61 of those are medical professional, 36 federal judicial districts involved, 28 of them are doctors. Maximum amount of fraud belongs to state of Florida with $237 million dollars after that $193 million dollar fraud belongs to state of Texas and so on to other states of the country. Major types of fraud are Health care fraud and Part D fraud.

It is considered as the biggest fraud in the history of U.S in terms of number of people accused and the amount of the fraud. 301 people are accused for $900 million, in the history books U.S never met such kind of fraud and no one even think that there would be a fraud in such noble department as of health department.

Action by Justice Department

The justice department take steps after the investigation is completed. All of the defendants are charged with various crimes, including conspiracy to commit health care fraud, violation of anti-kickback statues, money laundering and aggravated identify theft.

The cases are in the court and defendants are waiting for the decision made by the justice Department. The remarks from the judge are extreme as according to him the defendants stole the rights of elderly, children and disabled people. The cases are in the court and soon the decision of the court will be in front of people of U.S.


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