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by Ojobaro Adekemi on 06/09/2016 at 11:06 AM

Health Benefits of… Going to an aquarium? Viewing Seafood in tanks Can Reduce Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, and Stress


As it is generally said, that dog is man’s best friend, but perhaps it ought to be seafood. In an initial analysis, researchers from the National Marine Seafood Container, Plymouth University, and the University of Exeter analyzed the psychological and physical responses of individuals watching aquariums, and the outcomes revealed many secrets.

The team mentioned that watching fish tank driftwood reveals led to an apparent decrease in both hypertension and heartbeat quantity, and those aquariums with higher numbers of seafood were more successful at having people’s attention and increasing their emotions.

Sighting a unique opportunity, the researchers took advantage of the National Marine Aquarium remodeling one of its original shows and beginning a phased launch of new seafood. Thus, enabling them to examine heartbeat quantity, hypertension, and emotions of the analysis members and enhancement on fresh seafood at once, presenting the effect of a variety of seafood.

Truly a soothing relieve?

Studies have confirmed that clinging out in “natural” environment is soothing to people, but little research has been performed on the effect of an underwater environment specifically. D Cracknell, a Ph.D. student and lead professional at the National Marine Aquarium, says there is a justification there are aquariums at the doctor’s office.”Fish tank driftwood and reveals are often associated with initiatives at soothing patients in doctors’ office and dental patiently waiting areas,” she said in a news launch. “This research has the very new, provided practical proof that ‘doses’ of contact with underwater options could have a positive effect on individual’s health and fitness.”


The outcomes may be able to benefit those who don’t have enough, money, or means to reach the real “natural” environment that has soothing benefits.”Our outcomes have confirmed developments for health and fitness in highly handled options, offering an attractive probability for those who aren’t able to gain having availability to the natural outdoor environment,” said Dr. Matthew White, an ecological psychotherapist at the University of Exeter. “If we can get the systems that underpin the vast benefits we recognized, we can effectively bring some of the ‘external internal’ and improve the health and fitness of men and women without already having availability to characteristics.”

Regarding performance, aquariums could be looking at a whole new position for marketing their environment.”While significant public aquariums highlight the academic objective, research recommends they could offer several previously hidden benefits,” said Dr. Sabine Pahl, affiliate speaker in attitude at Plymouth University. “In times of higher work pressure and booming city living, perhaps aquariums can step in and provide a sanctuary of relaxation and satisfaction.”


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