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by Ojobaro Adekemi on 06/16/2016 at 10:53 AM

Hatchback is now trending


 About ten years ago, vehicles that had a fifth entrance that opens at the back, instead of a conventional car, were so out of date.

With those whose car manufacturers would not even name them hatchbacks. Instead, they were more promoted as notchbacks or liftbacks — anything that did not incite memories of the inexpensive econobox vehicles that Baby Seniors forced on their youngsters.

Nowadays, hatchbacks are getting a resurgence with customers who want more spaces  for loads but are not ready to invest in an SUV. Hatchbacks are often smaller than their automobile relatives, making them easier to fit in populated places —one of the factors they’ve long been  well-known in European countries.

“These are not penalty-box vehicles any longer (like) they were 15 years ago,” says Stephanie Brinley, knowledgeable specialist for IHS Automobile. Moreover, unlike SUVs, hatchbacks usually accomplish better gas usage.

Though their revenue records are still relatively small, their amount of the new car market has almost more than doubled over the past several years. From lower 2.6% in 2005, hatchbacks hit 4.8% last season. They are on the monitor for a 6.6% discuss by 2020, says IHS Automobile.

Some of the designs considered as hatchbacks might come as unexpected to buyers — “everything from a Chevy Prius to a Me hatchback, with 118,000 promoted last season.

Following is the hatchback form of Ford’s Concentrate lightweight, with 73,000. Cars spokesperson Jim Trainor says the company is “pleased” overall with revenue of its Elantra GT, the hatchback form of its popular lightweight car. Sales were aloft 24% in May in compared to last season.

More hatches are on the way:


The hatchback form of the Cruze lightweight will go on selling this fall. Chevy is offering the more area, with 18.5 cubic legs of available freight storage space behind the returning chair and 42 cubic feet of overall area with the back seat folded down. The car was shown at the Northern United States Worldwide Auto Show in Jan. “The reception we’ve gotten thus far is very positive,” says spokeswoman Emily Moran.


The hatchback form of the Civic also arrives this fall. The new one, like most current hatchbacks, like a sedan,  has four doors and the upward-opening hatch out at the back again. The last period  that civic came as a hatchback; it was a three-door type of the model  Si that was on sale from 2002 to 2004.


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