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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/21/2016 at 04:33 AM

Crop variety and global warming

Crop variety and global warming

It is predicted that crops yield around the world could fail within decades until an action is taken to raise the production of new variety. There is study according to which temperature of our environment is rising very faster than the crop’s development that can cope with a warmer world. In Africa, researchers found that it can take 10-30 years before farmers can grow a new breed of maize.By the time these new crops are planted; they face a warmer environment than they were developed in.

Research by scientist

Researcher wrote that crop duration will become significantly shorter as early as 2018 in some regions but by 2031, the majority of maize-growing areas of Africa will be affected. It was said by lead author Prof Andy Challinor from the University of Leeds that “The actual changes in yield may be different but this effect is there, the impact of this change in duration will occur unless breeding changes,”

The scientists say the lag is down to a combination of factors including the limited number of crops you can grow in a season, the need for government approved testing and there are also a number of problems of access to markets that can increase the time it takes before the farmers have the new seeds to plant.


Researchers are also working on the impact of heat stress on crops at sites in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ethiopia. Data from these trials is being used to identify species that could cope with warmer conditions. They believe that the study also has implications beyond Africa, especially in the maize growing regions of the tropics.

Dr Andy Jarvis, from the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture said that “Investment in agricultural research to develop and disseminate new seed technologies is one of the best investments we can make for climate adaptation”


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