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by Ojobaro Adekemi on 06/17/2016 at 07:37 PM

Copa America: USA trashed Ecuador to Qualify for Elimination Round


The United States’ run in the Copa America took another exciting dimension yesterday night. US team triumph over Ecuador with a 2-1 scoreline to secure a spot in the elimination rounds.

Goals from Gyasi Zardes and Clint Dempsey got them ahead. However, a game that people will not forget in a hurry. Triumph over the world’s thirteenth best team included some significant downfalls. Jermaine Jones got sent off with a red a card after an unattractive fight. Also, that fight saw Ecuador side Antonio Valencia off the field.

Nonetheless, with the following four spot seen as an aggressive focus before the competition started, it was presumably a cost worth paying. The Americans has mastered the art of playing with a disposition and strong soul in the course of the last three matches.

Dempsey’s header opens up the match

In the middle of the first half with a superbly set header Dempsey scored the opening goal of the match. Things started to get appealing after the first half. Antonio Valencia of Manchester United got a yellow card when he deliberately impacted at Bedoya with a shoddy kick to the leg.

There was commotion at the focal point of the field. Players from both teams began to quarrel, and their anger rose. The outcome was that both USA midfielder, Jones, and Valencia were shown a card while Valencia’s breach was patently noticeable. Jones’ will keep on being the reason for guesswork. Indeed, even replays could not help decide. Precise edges seemed to show Jones raising his hands and reaching the face of Michael Arroyo.

Quickly, it appeared that the reduction and reshuffling afterward would be advantageous to Ecuador than for the Americans. However the more Ecuador possessed, the more space opened, and Dempsey was the precise man to seize it.

After 65 minutes of play, a little break saw him make solid progress into the 18th yard, from where he could take out two backs men and the goalkeeper with a ball over the goal that Zardes tapped home.

Nerves clattered in about 20 minutes to the end of the match when Arroyo pulled a goal back. By taking a little kick from the corner on the edge of the box, and penetrating a low strike into the side of Brad Guzan’s goalpost. Some minutes after that, Enner Valencia ought to have evened out with a short proximity header, however, confused his exertion and that was near as Ecuador was.

Players That Will Miss Next Match

Next up is an elimination round where Argentina is the rival, while the following players would miss the match; Bobby Wood, Alejandro Bedoya, and Jones all due to suspension.

Last week, the United State Soccer president, Sunil Gulati was disappointed with the team’s progress; a clear indication that Klinsmann may lose his job. The reaction from that point forward has been vehement. Three straight wins with a solitary goal scored against them, to adequately guarantee the German will remain the Manager until the World Cup, despite a little setback in qualification.

If the world number one team Argentina gives a good rivalry in the semis, this might be the end for the American team. Not that fast! The United State team has also indicated that they are ready to take up the challenge and do their best to be victorious.



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