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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/21/2016 at 10:16 AM

CIA Warns: ISIS still dangerous

CIA Warns: ISIS still dangerous

ISIS’s expansion strategy

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is the most fast spreading terror organization that has become a constant source of headache for the western governments especially for the government of the United States of America. Constant are efforts are being made to suppress this terrorist organization by United States as well as by other western countries, to ensure peace in their very countries.

Despite of the progress made by the armed forces in the battle field and in cutting the ties and connections of ISIL with their financial resources it has been continuously expanding. ISIL have been utilizing social media websites like tweeter and tumbler to communicate around the world. Its operatives have been successfully able to sneak in a lot of countries around the globe by smuggling, in the disguise of refugees and through other legitimate methods and prepare for attacks.

The social media has become a major player in today’s world where terrorists encrypt the system to communicate with each other without any restriction. It has motivated many of the young people and is attracting towards terrorism which has to be stopped somehow or the incident like that of Orlando club shoots could possibly intensify create greater damage.

CIA’s narrative

The CIA has warned the government of the United States of America about the chances of possible future terror attacks in the west. Even after a lot of damage that ISIL has suffered CIA believes that it is much more of a threat than al-Qaeda ever was. In terms of fighting capability ISIL still have approximately a total of 20000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, where Libya is considered as the safe haven for the organization which is much of a concern for the United States due to it close proximity to the west. Along with this ISIS now has also become active in south Asia and Africa.




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