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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/18/2016 at 01:51 PM

Astronaut Tim Peake back to earth

Astronaut Tim Peake back to earth

Tim Peake  came back on earth after a stay of six month on the international space station. Timothy Nigel Peake is a British Army Air Corps officer, the first British ESA astronaut, the second one to bear a British Flag and sixth person born to go on International space. A Soyuz capsule carrying Tim Peake with two other crew members landed in Kazakhstan on 18 June 2016.

Astronaut Tim Peake back to earth

Astronaut Tim Peake back to earth


He was born in Chichester ,West Sussex. He studied at the Chichester high School for boys. He left the school after which he joined Royal military Academy Sandhurst.

Tim Peake arrival

The landing period on Earth was very tough time during which spacecraft turned over for several times. Hard wind was blowing at Kazakh steppe because of which landing was relatively hard. Tim Peake said that it  is going to be a little bit difficult to adapt, may be it will take two to three days so that I will start feeling better. He continued telling his experience and said generally I should be fairly comfortable back on earth after such a long journey.

Tim Peake experience

He was asked about the experience of stay on space station and coming back on earth. He replied that the journey back to earth was the best ever ride I have ever experienced and the smell of Earth felt so strong. He was asked about the experience of landing if I tell you truly the smell of earth is so strong, it feels so good to be back on Earth. He continued and said that he is excited to meet his family after this long journey.

Comments about Tim peake

There were many appreciating comment by the people for the work of Tim peake, he did a wonderful plus successful job. It was said by director of human spaceflight that “he has done an amazing job”. Dr David Parker  also gave positive comment about him that “he exceeded all expectations, certainly in term of the impact that he had back in UK”.

He is not a hero for the British people only  but a hero and a role model for every youngster in the world who want to do something for the world, who want to make new discoveries. He can be taken as a role model anywhere in the world whether he is a British but a hero for humanity who came back after this journey to earth.


Astronaut Tim Peake


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