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by Duplessis Samuel on 06/18/2016 at 01:47 PM

Arcades rebirth

Arcades rebirth

With the emerging technology, the necessity of games arcades reduced. Few years before there were cabinets with a proper set up of computers to play particular game because at playing game at home alone was too much expensive for a economically normal person of the society.  

As time passed, technology was emerging and games arcades were losing their value. People started to prefer PlayStation. When PlayStation gave you pleasure of gaming at home then why need to go out for seeking the most amazing experience.

Arcades rebirth

Arcades rebirth

Arcades emerging technology

This week, in the halls of E3 17 June 2016 there was a show where attendees were looking year into the multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone was there and talking about the “Arcade 2.0”. It is a rebirth of arcades gaming. This is a blockbuster in the world of gaming which will attract the entire game lover to it. It is going to be competitor of PlayStation VR which might not produce business of billion dollars as was expected after the introduction of VRcades.

Why Virtual reality?

People are showing interest in growing technology of gaming world even they cannot afford it. They want something new in it that is why VR reality arcades are popping up all over the world. There are many small projects where latest kit is available in a good size room. The other big fish with big budget like Hub Zero is an “indoor gaming park”.

VR differs from competitors

VRCade differs from its competitors because it aims to produce customized experience of virtual reality. The player uses his real physical movement to win it. There are motions sensors all around the place, every movement is monitored and tracked even you are jumping or rolling. People will enjoy it with their fellows at the same place at the same time.

Alarm for PlayStation VR

If the technology of Virtual reality brings surge in games arcades it might create an alarming for PlayStation VR which will be launched in October this year. The cost of PlayStation VR will be $399 and will work on PlayStation 4.

It might be not a golden period of coin inserting but it is a welcoming development. If people started enjoying this experience more than it is going to be an billion dollar business because game lovers will not stop no matter how much it cost.


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